The Nigeria Olympic Committee is committed to being an active and engaged partner in the worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Movements. The organization is dedicated to connecting and sharing with colleagues on a global level and is honored to host a number of national and international meetings and events. These events are designed to celebrate the accomplishments of Olympic and Paralympic athletes, exchange knowledge and best practices and identify ways to enhance the value and impact of the Olympic Movement worldwide.

General Assembly and Merit Awards

We organize an annual A General Assembly or the Congress which brings together all stakeholders in the Olympic Movement in Nigeria. All Presidents of Olympic and non-Olympic Sport Organisations, representatives of recognised organisations, Patrons and Trustees of the NOC, observers and media representatives are all invited.

At the general assembly, Merit Awards of recognition are conferred on individuals and corporate bodies that have made significant contributions to the development of Olympism and sports in the country. Partners are given the opportunity of branding the events venue as well as being involved in other publicity channels.

Executive Board Meetings

The Executive Board which is the policy setting organ of the NOC which meets every quarter within the year. The Board is composed of all representatives of National Olympic Sport Federations, members of the Executive Committee, IOC Members and two representatives of athletes.

Executive Committee Meetings

Executive Committee meets periodically as the need arises to coordinate the administration of the NOC, under the direction of the Executive Board. The Executive Committee is an eight member organ that is elected every four years and is made up of the President, three Vice Presidents, the Secretary General, a Deputy Secretary General, Treasurer and Public Relations Officer.