Programs & Courses

Nigeria Olympic Committee continues to help Nigerian athletes achieve sustained competitive excellence. We are dedicated to improving established programming in areas that help advance the NigerianOlympic and Paralympic Movements. To that end, the NOC has implemented a number of programs, mostly in collaboration with the Olympic Solidarity.


Sports Administrators Courses

Courses organised periodically by the NOC for the purpose of developing Sport Administrators both at the State and National levels. The courses are coordinated by National Course Directors that are certified by the International Olympic Committee. Funding for this programme is generated mainly from host States and NOC Partners

IOC Coaching Courses

Under the quadrennial programme of the IOC, the NOC organises National technical courses for training of sports Coaches nationwide. These courses are conducted by experts appointed by their respective International Federations, working in collaboration with the IOC and the NOC.

Advanced Sports Management Courses

This is the advanced level of the sports administration courses. The sessions run over a period of one year under the direction of Programme Directors who have been trained by the IOC. The course modules are developed along strategic management lines that challenge sports managers to work on specific case studies which are peculiar to their organisations.

Olympic Value Education Programme & Olympic Clubs

The Nigeria Olympic Committee promotes the five educational values of the Olympic Movement which include

  • Joy of effort
  • Fair play
  • Respect for others
  • Pursuit of excellence,
  • Balance between body will and mind.

These five educational values when imbibed by youths at the school level can be transferred to adulthood. Working together with partnering schools, the NOC has taken the Olympic Values Education Programs (OVEP) scheme to new levels where schools are encouraged to form Olympic Clubs which further strengthen the dissemination of these noble values.

The educational experiences promoted through these games are enduring values that bequeath lasting legacies for generations yet unborn. Through Olympic education, these unique values are passed on to the youths. One of the aims of the Olympic movement is to educate young people through sports in a spirit of better understanding between each other and of friendship, thereby helping to build better and more peaceful world. Basically, Olympism is more than the seventeen days of the quadrennial games.