Coaching Education

Olympic Training Scholarship for Coaches

The NOC provides Olympic training scholarship to selected National Coaches who are usually nominated by their National Federations. Olympic Solidarity budget allows for only 1 Coach from a country to benefit each year. We have effectively utilised this window. An improved evaluation and follow-up mechanism is being put in place monitor performance of the beneficiaries in their work locations after the training.

National Federation Workshops

Periodically, the NOC organises workshops for National Federations and these focus majorly on Games preparation and events management. These are platforms for improving communication between stakeholders.

Development of National Sports Structures

The NOC always supports the development of National Federation structures for improved administration of their sport and is achieved through the support of the Olympic Solidarity. An international expert in the sport is identified and hosted by the NOC for a period of three or six months to work with the National Federation on key development projects. The follow up procedure continues after the departure of the expert.

Sport Medicine Seminars & Workshops

Periodically, our Medical and Scientific Commission organises Seminars for Sport Medicine practitioners – Doctors, Physiotherapists and others, to update their knowledge on emerging trends within the industry.

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in Sports

The NOC has put in place a Committee of distinguished legal experts to plan the establishment of a Council for Arbitration and Dispute Resolution (CADRES). This has gone through the various processes of approval and ratification by all stakeholders, having been approved by the general assembly in line with globally accepted best practices to have a dispute resolution channel in sports rather than resorting to regular law courts.