Celebrating Olympic Peace



To celebrate #OlympicPeace we’re sharing stories of how sport brings the world together. Today, we are telling the story of a boy who wrote an anonymous letter which changed the Olympic Games forever.

Today, athletes from all the participating National Olympic Committees will march together as one. This tradition, which started at the Olympic Games Melbourne 1956, was inspired by John Ian Wing, a 17-year-old Australian student of Chinese descent. Despite widespread political unrest, Wing dreamt of a world of peace and unity. At the time, he wrote an anonymous letter to the Organising Committee proposing that, during the Closing Ceremony, all countries should parade together. “War, politics and nationality will be all forgotten … if the whole world could be made as one nation”, wrote Wing. Since then, athletes have celebrated the friendships, the wins, the losses and the memories forged during the Olympic Games. Together.

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